OM Sri Surabhi Campaign at BRUHAT GO-SAMMELANA

//OM Sri Surabhi Campaign at BRUHAT GO-SAMMELANA

OM Sri Surabhi Campaign at BRUHAT GO-SAMMELANA

OM Sri Surabhi Campaign representatives got an opportunity attend BRUHAT GO SAMMELANA last week from Oct 4th till Oct 7th organized by Sri Krishna Matha UDUPI.

The conference started Started with an inauguration speech by “H.H Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Pejawar Matha”. Swamiji addressed the attendees about the purpose of the event as below:

“The core purpose of this event is to create awareness in the society about protecting cows from slaughter and promote preservation of indigenous cow breeds. There is a need to drive away evil from the world. Everyone has the right to live, including animals. Then why not cows?

The protection and preservation of cow is important to humanity in terms of religious, economic, hygienic as well as agricultural points of view. There is a need to work on reincarnation of ‘Kamadhenu’. The four ‘Gs’- Ganga, Gita, Gayatri (Mantra) and Go (cow) are imbibed in the Indian culture. By preserving these, we need to enrich our heritage.”

The sammelana (conference) started with a procession held at Car Street with palanquins carrying Lord Sri Krishna deity. Fire yajna and Go-puja were performed everyday during the conference. Various religious and non-religious organizations participated. There were several exhibitions showcasing various indigenous cow breeds and cow products.

OM Sri Surabhi Campaign participated installing a booth at central location in the conference premises. Booth displayed various cow products/books for sell. We also distributed campaign pamphlets, provided information on various activities performed under the campaign and encouraged visitors to participate. There was very good response and we received inquiries about campaign from participating scientists, university professors, media and local farmers. Many of people signed up for Campaign newsletter.

Devotees from our local farm project Sri Sahyadri Krishna Balaram Kshetra (SSKBK) also joined the campaign booth and were actively explaining the visitors about cow care activities done at SSKBK project and about importance of local breeds like Malnad Gidda.

We saw a very good demand for cow products and we managed to sell many products manufactured at our SSKBK goshala.

Our cows from SSKBK were also part of Goshala exhibition including Mother Surabhi which is pure Malnad Gidda breed and very first cow of SSKBK.

Along with our continental coordinator for Asia – Sri Ram Prabhu, devotees from Hyderabad, Bangalore , SSKBK and Mangalore helped to successfully organize our participation in this event.

A famous national news magazine, Indian Express took an elaborate interview on OM Sri Surabhi Campaign.

The conference premise was filled with displays of indigenous cow breeds, large posters explaining their importance and the use of by products of indigenous cow for medical treatment and organic farming.

Special thanks to Srinivas Prabhu who worked hard to organize this event and part of Core committee for this entire event.

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Reported by: Bhakta Siva from Udupi, India.

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