OM SRI SURABHI CAMPAIGN QUARTERLY REPORT – July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

//OM SRI SURABHI CAMPAIGN QUARTERLY REPORT – July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

OM SRI SURABHI CAMPAIGN QUARTERLY REPORT – July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017


This is the eleventh Quarterly Report summarizing the on-going development of the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign – 2015 to 2027 in our attempt to promote the varnasrama mission. All the previous reports published can be read on our two main websites at and


Vedic Eco Village in Western Canada

Since the arrival of HG Kisora Krishna prabhu and HG Danavir prabhu from Indonesia to Saranagati Village which corresponded also with the arrival of HG Daivata prabhu from the province of Ontario, HG Ramanath prabhu, the General Manager for the fledging Vedic Eco Village in the Saranagati Valley has been busy with various activities amidst one of the worst heat waves that endured non-stop for over 3 months causing forest fires of life-threatening proportions.

During this challenging period, the devotees managed to build the entire south side fence around the Gurukula Colony as well as making the eastern entrance gate that will stand five meters. The snake fence has been renamed as “colonial fence” as it is reminiscent of the old fences during colonial times. Most of the forest has been cleared of its heavy bush and the Rajmarg roads are being covered with wood chips given it a clean look.

HG Daivata prabhu was successful in training two young bulls and continues his ox-training program with HG Bala Krishna prabhu and HG Yoginath prabhu.

Both HG Kisora prabhu and HG Danavir prabhu have returned to Indonesia on September 25th leaving behind a good track record that will be very inspirational for others to come and continue the yajna.


Jaago Kissan at ISKCON Vrindavan, India

On August 26th and 27th, HG Indranilmani prabhu, along with other devotees heading up the BLISS project, organized a successful two days seminar called JAAGO KISSAN at the ISKCON Gaushala in Ramanreti, Vrindavan attracting the participation of local farmers and various guests of honor. In particular, the Chief Guest was Dr. S. K. Malik, Chief Veterinary officer in Mathura along with Dr. Mohit Joon of Gopathy and Lokesh Ji who spoke on Cow Based Farming.


Quiz Contest to Protect Cows

In conjunction with Janmastami festival, IDVM-India, by the initiative of HG Subhananda Hari prabhu, conducted a Quiz Contest for Protecting Cows. Over 100 participants entered the contest and prizes were distributed to the winners.


Garden near Quebec City

Devotees from Ottawa and Montreal came to assist HG Priya Radhe mataji who has been developing her yearly garden near the city of Quebec.  Devotees planted a good variety of fruit trees as well as various vegetables, some of which they will be preserving for the winter at harvest time.



With the support of devotees from different countries, devotees serving at Yashodapura Eco Village headed by HG Guna Avatara prabhu were able to purchase two local white cows. One local devotee family has come forward to be part of the project and they will be given the responsibility to care for the two new cows.

Under the inspiration of HG Vishnurata prabhu, devotees have continued to hold regular prasadam distribution programs in the surrounding villages. The devotees intend to increase their activities and presence in the local villages to attract more people to join our activities.


Farm Conference in Hungary

The European Yatra conducted its 10th annual Farm Conference this year at Krishna Valley in Hungary between September 15th to 17th.  In attendance were HH Sivaram Maharaja, HH Smitha Krishna Maharaja, HG Kalakantha prabhu who is ISKCON Minister for Cow Protection. Workshops included the following:

  1. Cow Protection is inseparable from Varnasrama (HH Sivaram Swami)
  2. Animal ethics  (HH Smitha Krishna Swami)
  3. Where is the Ahimsa Paradigm Leading Us? (HG Kalakantha das)
  4. Social Sustainability Depends on Cultivating 30 Qualities (HH Sivaram Swami)
  5. Seed Saving/Seed Banking (HG Bala Modaka das)
  6. No-till farming (HG Prema Datta das)
  7. Integration in a Social Model (HH Smitha Krishna Swami)


Varnasrama Developments in Ukraine

During the 5 days Bhakti Sangam Festival held at the Black Sea in Ukraine from September 4 to September 8th, some five thousand devotees gathered to hear seminars from different senior devotees and to immerse themselves in the chanting of the holy names non-stop every evening. There were a total of 5 seminars directly related to varnasrama dharma, four presented by HH Bhakti Raghava Swami and another by Acyuta Priya prabhu, Regional Secretary for Ukraine, who presented a seminar entitled “Varnasrama – The Impossible is Possible”.

Plans to start a Varnasrama College. Devotees held serious discussions regarding the need to set up a Varnasrama College somewhere in Ukraine. Yamuna Prana prabhu offered to begin such a college with the help of Bala prabhu, a local senior devotee.


Vedic Astrology Course

Since the last four years IDVM-India has been organizing a series of varnasrama related courses under the name Varnasrama Training Courses (VTC) in conjunction with the Mayapur Institute (MI) in Sri Dham Mayapur.

The first of the two courses this fall, “Vedic Astrology”, was just completed with attendees from India, Nigeria, China, South America and Bahrain enthusiastically participating. HG Vishnutattva das gave the course for the first time in Mayapur from September 25th to 30th. The program was coordinated by HG Rama Laksman das, Director for IDVM-India Secretariat in Mayapur.

A second course, “Traditional Crops of India”, is scheduled for October 6th to 14th and will be given by HG Jananivas das.



Devotees interested to know more about activities during this period may visit the section NEWS at Home Page for more details and photos.


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